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I write and edit academic, creative, and informational texts for all audiences. My specialty is making complex ideas understandable to the average reader.

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Best Fax Machine - Fax Machine Reviews - 2017

Not everyone needs a dedicated fax machine, but if you do one of these Brother models will be your best bet. We cover the top options, from a cheap, light-duty fax for home users to a heavy-duty workhorse for the busiest of offices.


Best Travel Mug - Reviews - 2017

To keep your favorite beverage piping hot or cold as ice, nothing beats a Zojirushi stainless steel travel mug. If you want a microwave-safe mug, a ceramic Lenox mug is your best bet. We also found a great accessory for those who want to take their fresh brewed tea to go.


Best Fan - Reviews - 2017

Dyson fans are almost insanely expensive, but user and expert feedback shows that they also extremely effective. If you or your budget would prefer something less expensive, we found a bevy of good performing tower, floor, desk and window fans to keep you cool as the temperature goes up.


Best Insect Repellent - Best Mosquito Repellent - 2017

If mosquitos, ticks and other insect pests are bugging you, our research finds that OFF! Deep Woods VIII can keep you from being eaten alive. If its key ingredient, DEET, is a turn off, we also name some alternatives that work nearly as well for adults and even young kids.


Earplug Reviews

To keep the sounds of modern life at bay, or for just a night of quiet sleep, Howard Leight disposable earplugs rate best. For concert goers, Etymotic earplugs turn down the volume without squelching the sound quality. Mack's earplugs are a top choice for swimmers.


Best Portable Charger - Reviews - 2017

Cheap and reliable, these well-rated portable chargers can make sure your mobile devices won't run dry when an outlet is nowhere to be found. Power banks from RAVPower and Anker draw the lion's share of positive reviews.


Wet/Dry Vacuum Reviews

For home or on the worksite, Ridgid wet-dry vacuums make quick work of messy cleanups. For workshop use, we found a great performing Makita tool-activated shop vacuum. Need to go cordless? Check out this DeWalt model.


Best Scanners - Top 5 Scanner Reviews

For most homes and small offices, reviewers say Canon flatbed scanners are your best bet. Choose Epson for the best image quality and Fujitsu for sheet-fed scanners.


Portable Generator Reviews

Live through a hurricane like Sandy and you'll quickly learn the value of a reliable back-up generator. These are the models that experts and users say will see you through to safety.


Best Miter Saw - Miter Saw Reviews - 2017

It's a year later, but experts and owners agree that last year's Best Reviewed compound miter saws are this year's too, and they are all from DeWalt.


Best Steam Iron - Steam Iron Reviews

Ironing's a pain, but our research found some great corded, cordless and travel irons that that can make the task at least a little less painful.


Best Chainsaws - Top 6 Chainsaw Reviews

Once again, Husqvarna is the top name among gas-powered homeowner chainsaws, though we also found a Stihl saw that's nearly every bit as good. WORX makes the best corded electric alternatives, while Ego makes a powerful cordless model that can go for a surprisingly long time between trips to the charger.


Best Light Bulbs - Light Bulb Reviews

Falling prices and increased availability have made LED bulbs the top choice for household lighting. CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps) are still available, but despite their lower upfront cost, they can't beat LEDs for value.


Best Shredder - Paper Shredder Reviews

A quality shredder is the best way to secure paper records like old checks, sensitive correspondence and the like.


Best Circular Saw - Circular Saw Reviews

A good circular saw is a must-have tool for any woodworker. The best circular saws combine cutting power, strong safety features, and easy usability.