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I write and edit academic, creative, and informational texts for all audiences. My specialty is making complex ideas understandable to the average reader.

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4 Ways to Save Money Long-Term by Spending More Now

There are times when you can save money by spending a little more up front. Here are the life hacks you need to save over the long-term with wise buying.

Are Fitness Activity Trackers Worth the Money?

Fitness trackers have taken the country by storm. But at prices ranging from $60 to $220, are these gizmos worth the money?

7 Best Financial Decisions Young People Can Make to Get Ahead

Good financial decisions can save you thousands of dollars and free up extra time. Here's how to make great money choices based on data from 2,000 people.

4 Worst Financial Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Bad financial decisions can cost you thousands of dollars and years of your life. Here's how to avoid poor money choices based on data from 2,000 people.

10 Ways to Save Money on Affordable Car Insurance

Drivers pay more each year for insurance than they do for maintenance, tires, or even gas. But with these tips, you can lower your premiums by hundreds of dollars a year.

5 Best Money-Saving Strategies Proven to Work for Anyone

In a survey, 2,000 people named the five money-saving strategies that actually worked for them. Here's how to make them work for you too.

12+ Free Government and Charity Resources for Emergency Financial Assistance

You can't always avoid a financial crisis, but you can keep it from crushing you. There are plenty of programs out there – some run by the government, some by charities – that can help keep the bills paid until you get back on your feet.

Read More While Spending Less

If you love new books but hate the price tags, here are the best sources of cheap books - and better yet, free books - for the bookworm on a budget.

7 Stores With Price Match Guarantees

Today, comparison shopping can showing a price from one store and asking another store to match it. Here's how to use price matching at Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and more.

Should I Repair or Replace a Broken Appliance? – Here’s How to Decide

Broken appliances can be a real drag. If you’ve got one sitting around, there are a few simple rules that can help you figure out whether to repair it or replace it.

How to Stop Wasting Money

Americans waste a lot of money – and we know it. Yet often the things we know are a waste are the very things we're least willing to cut back on.

How to Buy Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Clothing on a Budget

If you know where to look, you can find clothing that’s good for the planet and for your wallet.

5 Ways to Save Money on Holiday Gifts

Worried about busting your budget during the holidays? A few sensible steps – like setting spending limits, shopping sales, and saving on shipping – can help keep your expenses in line.

What's the Best Way to Travel During the Holidays?

Going home for the holidays? There are many travel options - but which is best? Learn how to make the best choice regarding time, cost, and other factors.

Is Daylight Savings Time Helpful or Harmful?

Studies show Daylight Savings Time has a variety of effects, some helpful and some harmful. So how do the pros stack up against the cons?