I write and edit academic, creative, and informational texts for all audiences. My specialty is making complex ideas understandable to the average reader.

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Bucket article

Donating to charity? Do your homework first

The holidays are a season of giving, and for many people that includes end-of-year charitable donations. But before you donate, do your homework and make sure your money doesn’t end up in the wrong hands.

Retail article

Which discount retailer has the lowest prices?

A lot of stores claim to have the lowest prices on groceries and personal-care products. But can you get the best deals all the time by shopping at just one retailer? Not exactly.

Laptophug article

6 ways to stay safe (and sane) browsing online

Internet hazards range from annoyances like pop-up ads to real dangers, like hackers trying to steal your passwords. These six browser add-ons can help you browse without fear.

Onlineshopper article

5 reward sites that pay you for shopping online

The only way shopping online could be better would be if someone paid you for doing it—and there are several rewards sites that promise to do exactly that.

Apps article

Turn your web browser into a savings machine

You don’t have to own a smart phone or tablet in order to save money when shopping online. There are also extensions you can add to your favorite web browser to help you shop and save on your laptop or desktop.

Closedsign article

Stores that will and won't be open on Thanksgiving

It’s official: Black Friday has now become Black Thursday. More than 30 retail chains have confirmed they will be open on Thanksgiving Day. However, not every chain is jumping on the bandwagon.

Treeshopping article

Real or fake? How to choose a Christmas tree

It just wouldn’t be Christmas without the tree. Whichever type you prefer, these tips will help you choose the best tree for you and your family.Christmas tree for you and your family.

Wallet article

How to choose the best rewards credit card

Banks eager to lure new customers offer a dizzying array of reward cards. How can you tell which one is best for you?